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Hospitality, Business, and Writings are my Life’s Expertise!

50 Years of Successful Experience in Hospitality and Business

Picture your Property as a Success Story!

How to Run a Profitable Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food and Beverage Business

“Operators have received conflicting opinions that confused the situation more. Much of the supposition offered provides a wide range of problem-solving alternatives.” “Then, also a chief ingredient and frequently overlooked factor to any correction methods is that of people carrying out instructions.”

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The Standard Model with Expect what you Inspect …

The Standard Model System along with Expect What You Inspect are Essentialities in Establishing Your Standards and Profits. These Standards, When Implemented, Will Become the Basis of the Standard Model Expenses to Be Incurred. My Books are all based on the Standard Model Systems. The Model addresses the way you want and need to operate your business. Combined with “Expect What You Inspect” will develop your Operating Standards and address how you manage the relevant costs incurred. My other writings address the way you operate your business and how you develop your Business and Marketing Approach.

My series is the most comprehensive answer for establishments that need directions and workable solutions.

Setting desired monetary goals.

  1. Use Expect What You Inspect to put acceptable standards in place.
  2. Provide a clean, and comfortable property with attentive services.
  3. Making profit is a direct result of running a dynamic property.
  4. Recognize a clear pathway to positive operational and financial results.
  5. Use the “Standard Model” concept to structure change.
  6. Provide outstanding food and beverage products and service quality, through Menu Engineering.
  7. Build a sales plan for managing your marketplace niche.
  8. Direct resourceful initiatives that combat profit pitfalls.

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My new book “A Handshake with God or the Devil?” of a series titled: “The Choice is Yours” to be published by Fall 2024 is my first mystery set in place and guided by reality. The book is titled I believe appropriately:

“A Handshake with God or the Devil?”

The Series is titled: “The Choice is Yours”
Our Existence
“The Beginning a Creation for Mankind’s Good” is the starting book of a spell-binding mystery in which the manuscripts will leave the reader to assume and continuously question the what ifs of reality.
Reality provides us with the when and what paths that really exist for us to choose in real life?
This is a manuscript that is based upon true Historical Content,
  • Assumptions,
  • Theories,
  • Religious Thinking, and this
  • Writer’s personal intrigue.
Only we can or cannot elect to alter this story with your independent thinking. 
So, this is what we really know, and I weave in the real stories of our daily lives the way we live them. 
  • Crossroads in life should really be considered routine or normal occurrences.
  • Our directional choices on the other hand are indeed consequential.
  • The thought process and the steps we take determine your expected results; mistakes are made and are part of life.
  • Correcting these errors will set in place a commitment to longer lasting resolve.

“But are they mistakes or are they willfully inspired!” 

“A Handshake with God or the Devil?”

The Series is titled: “The Choice is Yours”

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