My Formative Years

I was born in 1946 as a German citizen in Miltenberg am Main, a small city in Bavaria.

My hometown is a very picturesque city as you can see for yourself. It is located on the Main River a tributary to the Rhine, and within the Spessart and Odenwald forest’s. This was my mother’s home country.

Born as an American citizen as my father was stationed in Germany during the second world war. This provided me a dual citizen from birthright.

My father’s home was St. Louis, Missouri where my mother and I arrived in 1952.

I went to parochial school in St. Louis. My mother and I moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1954 where I attended  parochial school  through my sophomore year of high school.

My mother and I moved back to Germany in 1962 and I continued and finished my high school along with a four year food and beverage trade school program. This education prepared me for the hospitality career field graduating in 1965.

As said, I learned through and apprenticeship program in the culinary field working at the oldest hotel guest house the “Hotel zum Riesen.” while fulfilling my educational requirement, in my hometown of Miltenberg.

In 1966 I returned to the United States and enlisted and served in the U.S. Air Force. This was over the Vietnam war, making me a campaign veteran.

I met Mary and we married in 1968, while stationed at Minot AFB in North Dakota. We have two daughters Amy Lynn Paine and Katrina Marie Clarke.

Published by Peter Clarke

Briefly about… Peter Clarke, I am from Florence, Arizona although when you hear me speak there is a distinct indicator of my native German language. I am a versatile veteran business-entrepreneur, business and hospitality consultant, coach, and author. I am a respected veteran of over forty-five years in the hospitality field.

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