Profits in Hospitality Exposed

”Peter Clarke’s Structural  System”

As contained in my books on Profits in Hospitality “THE STANDARD MODEL”  System.

“Do you know for certain that everything in your operation is being managed correctly?
The answer is mostly doubtful! Yes, uncertainty is not a way to run a business.
That is why you would incorporate the “Foundation Blocks” of building standards.”

Hi and welcome, this will introduce you to “The Clarke System, aka. “The Standard Model” as contained in my books, and explained therein under my wizardry:

How to Run a Profitable Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Business which is part 1,

AMAZON and Barnes and Noble

The Sure-Fire Solutions Guide part 2. 


What is “The Clarke System” and How does it work?
These results are containtained in my books; they are tried, tested, and perform efficiently and effectively.

It is critical to take into consideration the properties efficiencies and certainly where and why deficiencies exist.  

Within my books, I refer to a program that is called “Expect What You Inspect” these practices that I employ are copyright protected. 

The hospitality industry has undergone what I term desperate times for never have we encountered setbacks such as Covid19.

This requires us all to embrace new ways of doing things through ingenuity. There are many reasons why we should also look toward staying abreast with and recognizing the benefits of technology. 

Soon to hit the marketplace is:

Peter Clarke’s Structural System

“Yet, one factor remains constant that we are totally governed by how we take care of our customers!”


As an author, I continue to write on professional business topics and other genres which are important to me. To get your FREE COPY of my google epub on general business practices, please follow the link below: 
It’s Simply Good Business, an ebook guide to what’s needed in operating a business profitably.
Thank you, for the interest you have shown and I truly wish you the best. Should you run into any questions herein or about my consulting services drop me a line or call me as I welcome your inquiry.  

Published by Peter Clarke

Briefly about… Peter Clarke, I am from Florence, Arizona although when you hear me speak there is a distinct indicator of my native German language. I am a versatile veteran business-entrepreneur, business and hospitality consultant, coach, and author. I am a respected veteran of over forty-five years in the hospitality field.

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