Thank You

There are many people to thank for helping me through the years. That to begin mentioning them would very much risk missing someone. I fully acknowledge that many have played significant roles in my career.

Thank you, to those who have encouraged and made it possible for me to be successful in business. Surely, you all know who you are. I am grateful to all of you whether fellow-employees-associates department heads, managers, colleagues, mentors, employers, and friends.

The highest regard and deepest love go to my wife of fifty-three years, Mary.

I send my affectionate thoughts always to our daughters Katie and Amy and her husband Daryl and of course our grandsons Bryan, Nicholas, and Noah.

I convey special greetings and fond wishes to our dearest relatives and many remarkable friends and acquaintances.

“You encounter many people in life’s path; there are those whom you should never lose.”

I feel that it is a blessing having all of you as part of Mary and my lives.

Thank you,

Peter, Johnny, Pete, Dad, and Grandpa

Published by Peter Clarke

Briefly about… Peter Clarke, I am from Florence, Arizona although when you hear me speak there is a distinct indicator of my native German language. I am a versatile veteran business-entrepreneur, business and hospitality consultant, coach, and author. I am a respected veteran of over forty-five years in the hospitality field.

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