Eyeing how we REOPEN

Countless individuals will be eyeing how we REOPEN. So, we are again presented with a real opportunity for everyone to view us as we are. Demonstrate to them the professionals that we strive to be.

RECOMMIT THE STANDARDS WE TRULY WANT TO BE KNOWN FOR. Do not leave the pursuit of excellence as an unknown or for the customer to find for you.

You are the only one that needs to set up your standards. It is for you and your staff to prove these qualities to your customers.

Today, let us begin with a word that has critical consequences associated with your enjoyment of SUCCESS. There are many that seriously believe that PERCEPTION is that word that begins and ends with and frames how you deliver your product and service.

It is the critical deliverance in Sales and Marketing your business. What we must understand is that when we consider doing anything we must also at once recognize and address the possible pitfalls in producing, serving, as well as packaging this marketable product.

How can we engage in positive acceptance and rewarding feedback? In addressing “Perception” we have to simply apply the elusive and critical element which is “Consistency.”

Yes, the real success of anything we do is:

  • How is the product PERCEIVED?
  • Is it VALUED?
  • Can this be CONSISTENTLY delivered

I have now added another term that will solidify the product and service as a Winner! Yes, that word is VALUE!

Thank you for reading

Peter Clarke

Author, Hospitality and Business Consultant

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