“SUCCESS has a breeding ground and so does FAILURE”

I would think that if you believe in “Personal Growth” that this would have to be the starting point. Life is truly a journey, so “Successful people” are changing, growing, and learning always!

It is also important to know that you should hold true to the old saying that although money can’t buy happiness; it sure makes a lot of things in life much easier. Are you prepared to meet” Life’s Challenges?”

  • “Strategy describes how the ends will be achieved!”
  • A plan that focuses on specifics is a strategy!
  • This Is a carefully crafted and articulated structured guide that denotes the method {s} to achieve goal {s}
  • This is an acquired skill which is demonstrated in the process of attaining achievements.

Do you have a “Strategy?”

“Training and Development,” These are the strategies you use to acquire skill {s} as well as your state of growth. So, what are you doing or going to do to enhance your position to “Succeed?”

What’s behind your numbers or results?

Numbers and or results may in fact be good or bad; however, if you cannot define, control, and or enhance them what purpose do they serve?

I am of the feeling and the belief that your workforce can provide significant clues that your company’s policies and procedures need reviewing.

Such as more staff questions on normal operational issues, or feelings of general confusion among staff or within departments.

You will encounter a lack of consistency, and this may be prevalent throughout, and employees may well be displaying signs of inconsistencies in their job performance; frustrations among them may well be the norm and there may also be an increase in the workforce’s stress levels.

For these reasons alone: I am certain that when you implement procedures that you will eliminate most if not all serious confusion and thereby increase efficiency immediately. With that you will create superior product lines and genuine service consistency.

  1. Identify that Distinction in Business is “what or how” you achieve performance excellence
  2. It will lead you to new heights in your pursuit of cornering the market.
  3. Then, further, guide you through the delivery process by improving product and service.
  4. When you commit yourself to pursue a profitable bottom line, you will recognize that guest satisfaction is a much-needed ingredient.
  5. Knowing that “attention to detail” is an obligatory function to creating quality products or in rendering service excellence.
  6. There are no shortcuts to this process, so please do not engage in repetitive and useless unapproved ways of making and delivering your business. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that you will not explore efficiencies. However, it does call for changes to go through an organized and approved direction with full compliance once approved by all as your business approved direction.
  7. My book focuses and urges you to employ the “development of standards” as the foundation blocks to successful goals.
  8. Your standards are the values that will translate into a positive customer experience and as a result, will bring them back to you.
  9. Included and throughout “It’s Simply Good Business” are what I believe to be valuable action steps in running a vibrant business.
  10. The key is to perform a self-examination and when doing this, assure yourself that correct, essential, and comprehensive measures are an absolute part of bringing about structured change.
  11. Consistency is necessary to achieve top performance. When doing jobs, the same way every time rather than wondering if they are done correctly, will improve productivity.
  12. Without a doubt, when you address consistency issues. You will also find that by instituting and then promoting while continuing to encourage the pursuit of excellence that this process will allow for positive feedback.
  13. There is prove positive that policies and procedures also provide clarity to the employees. For new employees trying to learn their job, to a more experienced employee assigned to a different job.
  14. These written procedures further serve as training guidelines when there are temporary or permanent personnel changes. You may decide to utilize a timesaving checklist that will simplify a process by making sure that each step is coordinated or carefully followed.
  15. The use of procedures can help generate a more cooperative team approach to getting all the daily tasks done correctly.
  16. Written procedures are used for better controls in developing sound business, financial, and accounting practices.
  17. With procedures employees are provided information that allows them the freedom to conduct their job and make decisions within defined boundaries, as they can now understand the constraints of their job without using a trial-and-error approach.
  18. These instructional documents enable the workforce to understand individual & team responsibilities.
  19. Written policies & procedures allow managers to put into effect control by exception rather than micromanaging their respective staff.
  20. Amazingly, standard procedures allow management to guide operations without constant management intervention.
  21. Additionally, standard procedures are often used as checklists by inspectors for evaluation or when auditing procedures for competence and compliance.
  22. Conclusively, the benefits of valid standard procedures are superior productivity through the reduction of work effort yielding to improved consistency of product or service.
  23. This benefit will also translate to bottom-line profits by gaining efficiency and minimizing mistakes often made and randomly incorrect delivery.
  24. These identified points in paragraph 23 will also again attack and rectify inconsistencies of producing and delivering products to the consumer.
  25. Also, standard procedures offer a better reliance on the ability to compare, certainly they allow for more credibility, and legal defensibility.
  26. By introducing and implementing standards a focus will continue evolving even better products and setting the appropriate benchmarks for performance, quality, and safety.
  27. Establishing standards is a vital part of industry and commerce, providing the basis for buyer-seller transactions.

In conclusion, with all the competition heating up over sales, logically, businesses would adopt standard procedures to better yield a greater bottom line.

Thank you for reading

Peter Clarke

Author, Hospitality and Business Consultant

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