Peter Clarke Addresses Resolutions

Countless hospitality properties experience ongoing deficiencies, which lead to either guest dissatisfaction, financial shortcomings, or both. How to Run a Profitable (Hospitality) Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Business directs this management guide by focusing on improving product and service offerings, while setting desired monetary goals. With this management guide, business owners can subscribe to approaches and easily address urgent and critical concerns that affect all sides of their operation. The intent is to corner your market by supplying a superior, consistent level of performance to exceed guest expectations. Guests suffer, as properties do not exceed guest expectations, while owners pull the hair out trying to reach positive operational and financial results. Through your commitment to profit, you will recognize that guest satisfaction is the critical ingredient. To create a quality product and supply excellent service, a concerted focus on attention to detail is needed. Assimilate these valued aims; they will enable you to recognize a clear pathway to positive operational and financial results. “You deserve to make a profit!” Over the years, I have taken notice of the things that work and expanded on them to supply an overall approach in resolving issues.

1. Put acceptable standards in place by introducing “expect what you inspect to your property.”

2. Provide guests with clean, well-maintained, and comfortable property with attentive services.

3. Making profit is a direct result of running a dynamic property. The aim is to supply guests with what they expect because they are paying for it.

4. Understanding the use of the “Standard Model” concept to create structured change by committing to your newly developed action plans.

5. Supply outstanding food and beverage product and service quality by subscribing to Menu Engineering which concentrates on producing real profits through excellent offerings.

6. Build a sales plan for managing your marketplace niche. “My methods are straightforward and practical dealing with structured change. They do not ask anyone to invest money in hopes of resolving problems. However, my instructions and recommendations have been tried and are true value invigorated alternatives that should be part of every operator’s arsenal.”

Thank you for reading

Peter Clarke

Author, Hospitality and Business Consultant

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