Peter Clarke Addresses

Succeed in Business

What is it that may give me the chance to succeed in business

  • Institute a system for your associates that acknowledges and supplies recognition rewards for performing exceptionally!
  • When you try to perform distinctively, you should first understand what that looks like. In my way of thinking there often are elements that escape us. Simply, most people do not know the difference between Good and Excellent.
  • So, most importantly it behooves us to find and communicate the meaning of these two degrees.
  • BUT FIRST, we need to set up “The Standard” and in doing so show what each look like or how they will be perceived.

Now you are wondering why it matters if the guest sees it as superior. Well, it surely makes all the difference as you will never achieve any form of consistency.

So, the truthful answer is to prove the standard for every service and product you stand for.

Although, we find that the Corona Virus is an unwelcome event in our lives and that it has caused our businesses GREAT SUFFERING. We are presented with an enormous opportunity by way of introducing to our customers to what our real and desired standards will be going forth. 

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